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6 reasons why a bathroom installer is advantage bathroom ideas

Renovating a bathroom is not an easy and unfortunately not really a cheap job. Handy Harry’s and experienced do-it-yourselfers usually buy their appliances separately from the wholesaler and place them themselves. Others wonder if they can buy the appliances themselves and have them installed. Or you can also call in a bathroom installer who will take care of the complete purchase and installation. We give you 6 reasons why the latter option is the most sensible one.


Bathroom installers are responsible for the complete bathroom renovation. From the preparation of a detailed plan to the dusting of the bathroom furniture on delivery. Bathroom specialists can both lay pipes if necessary, carry out tiling work, the bath and / or shower places as your custom bathroom furniture. They take care of the entire project, coordinate all the steps and carry out all the work with their own staff. No juggling with the schedules of the electrician, plumber and carpenter that you would otherwise have to follow up yourself. In short, a bathroom installer means a renovation without worries.


Because a bathroom specialist takes care of all the work, he can also assist you with tailor-made advice. For larger companies, you will be assigned a project manager who will thoroughly discuss your wishes and needs. They will provide you with a detailed quotation including a realistic time schedule. Sometimes you will also be given a 3D presentation of what your new bathroom will look like.


If you buy your own appliances and can place them yourself, you will of course get the cheapest price. In addition, there are 2 other options: buy appliances / furniture yourself and have it installed or give the complete renovation in the hands of a bathroom installer. But what is the difference in price?


You can buy your own bath or wash basin from a wholesaler or specialty shop. Usually you will get an average 20% discount if you place it yourself or have it placed by an external professional. Finding a plumber to install these appliances for you might not go so smoothly. Craftsmen do not like to install appliances with which they are unfamiliar to be liable for 10 years. So they cannot promise you the same quality as appliances they are familiar with.

If you do find a professional who wants to do this, it will quickly cost you between € 40 and € 50 per hour. Keep in mind that installing these specific devices can lead to extra working hours, which means that your savings on the purchase of the devices will disappear like snow in the sun. In short, this is not necessarily the cheapest solution and certainly not the best quality. Make sure you find a reliable professional who you can trust 100%.


If you leave both the purchase of the appliances and the installation to a bathroom installer, then you choose for quality and convenience. Negotiate a good total price for the entire project. So you know immediately what financial impact the bathroom renovation has on your budget. What’s more, any setbacks are also covered, so you don’t have to fear a certain extra cost. On average, you pay between € 3,000 and € 5,000 for a bathroom renovation, including VAT but excluding the cost of materials.

Conclusion: choosing a bathroom fitter gives you a clear view of the costs and prevents unpleasant surprises. The discount you save with the purchase of your appliances could otherwise quickly go up in smoke.

Tip: compare prices of several bathroom specialists. Receive a maximum of 3 quotations from recognised craftsmen in your area in less than 2 minutes. This way you will realize a nice saving on your budget.

4. 6% VAT

If your house is older than 10 years, you are also entitled to a reduced VAT rate of 6 percent when renovating the house. In connection with the renovation of the bathroom, the following works, among others, are eligible:

Providing sanitary facilities (toilets, bathtub, shower, washbasin, …) connected to the water or sewerage system, matching fixed, made-to-measure bathroom cabinets, fixed ventilators and air fresheners in the bathroom.


Wall or floor coverings (tiles, laminate, etc.) to be fixed or cut to size on site according to the dimensions of the surface to be covered.

The reduced VAT rate is only valid if the work is carried out by a contractor. The supply and installation of the materials must be carried out by the same contractor. Do-it-yourselfers with purchased materials pay 21% VAT.


The Flemish government also stimulates bathroom renovation. There are 3 premiums to which you are entitled when renovating your bathroom.


20 to 30% of the submitted invoices (excl. VAT) can be recovered via the Flemish renovation premium. The invoice must be at least € 2,500, the maximum limit for reimbursement is € 3,750. Submitted invoices may be higher, but the reimbursement is calculated on the basis of that maximum amount.


The Flemish improvement premium is there for people who want to improve their home because it no longer meets the necessary quality standards. Work in the bathroom is also eligible for this. The maximum premium is € 750. However, the invoice amount must be at least double this premium.


This subsidy is specifically aimed at over-65s who adapt their homes to changing needs. This may involve placing a second bathroom on another floor, placing handles and supports or interventions that improve accessibility. For each component, the premium amounts to 50% of the sum of the approved invoices (incl. VAT). Per part you can get a maximum of 1.250 euro.

Attention: these premiums are only valid if you have the works carried out by an approved contractor. View all conditions of these premiums here.


We would like to give you some more tips to reduce the budget for bathroom renovation. There are 2 possibilities to realize a nice saving:


Bathroom installers are often open to you to do some yourself. For example, you can ask to demolish the old bathroom and plumbing to demolish. By removing the old plumbing yourself you save up to € 350.


If your project is large enough and interesting enough, you can ask the bathroom installer for a discount. A no you have, a yes you can get. This may allow you to nibble at a few percent of the price.

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