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Average cost of bathroom renovation

WatThe costs for renovating depend on a number of factors, such as the choice of material and style and the size of your bathroom. For example, you pay more for a bathroom with a luxurious finish and a large surface area than for a small bathroom with a simple finish. The price for a simple bathroom is around € 3,500, while for a luxury bathroom you can easily pay around € 10,000. Do you opt for a spa bath or steam room for a special wellness bathroom? Then the costs can be even higher, all depending on your own specific wishes.

Basic bathroom renovation

Is your budget limited? Then opt for a basic bathroom renovation. In this case it is best to opt for standard bathroom sanitary ware and there is a simple bathroom with a toilet, a shower and a stylish bathroom furniture with a single sink. You keep the original layout of the bathroom, but a new floor is laid with ceramic tiles and the walls are built from a combination of tiles and stucco. In this case, renovating a bathroom costs an average of € 3,500.

Average bathroom renovation

With an average bathroom renovation we assume that the water and electricity pipes have to be relocated to make a new layout in the bathroom. In addition, a completely new floor is installed in the bathroom with natural stone tiles and the walls will for the most part be fitted with ceramic tiles. The remaining part is plastered. In this case you can opt for bathroom sanitary ware of average quality and you have a bath. In this case, renovating a bathroom costs around € 7,500.

bathroom to be converted into a luxury wellness bathroom

With a luxury bathroom, a completely new layout is made and the water and electricity lines must be moved. In addition to the floor, the walls are also provided with beautiful, natural stone tiles. In this case you can choose sanitary ware that is made of high quality material and you not only have a spacious shower, but there is also a bath and bathroom furniture with two sinks. A luxury bathroom renovation costs € 10,000 on average. Do you want to expand the bathroom with extras such as underfloor heating or wellness sanitary ware such as a steam cabin or a spa bath? Then keep in mind that the costs can amount to € 20,000.

Average costs for a bathroom renovation

The price of a bathroom renovation is on average between € 3,500 – € 10,000. The price depends on a number of factors, such as the surface of your bathroom and the choice of materials. For example, a bathroom with a standard size is cheaper than a large bathroom. And a natural stone tile is more expensive than a regular tile. A quote for a bathroom renovation is usually made up of labor costs, material costs and disposal costs. These are the costs for removing the old bathroom furniture or the rubble from demolition work.

Practical advice from a professional

If you are going to have the bathroom renovated, it is good to find out as much as possible in advance. We have at least asked one of our professionals to give advice about renovating a bathroom.

Marcel van Leeuwen, owner of Installatiebedrijf MvL. Professional and recognized installer with more than 25 years of experience.

If you switch from a simple bathroom with a “normal” shower to a very luxurious bathroom, it is wise to see whether the capacity of your boiler is large enough. A central heating boiler with CW value 3 does not have enough capacity for a rain shower and a double bath. Click here for an explanation of the CW value of central heating boilers.

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