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Bathroom checklist

Do you have building plans, but you have no idea what is involved in planning your bathroom properly? Or do you have big renovation plans? Take a good start with this checklist!


  • What do you expect from your bathroom? Is it a purely functional room or are you going for the complete wellness experience?
  • For how many family members (at the same time) should your bathroom be used? And will that change in the near future?
  • Have you mapped your budget?
  • Have you already gained inspiration in showrooms? Be sure to take a lot of photos!
  • Have you ever put your ideal bathroom on paper? Many bathroom dealers offer you the opportunity to plan your plans online.

Design and planning

  • How much room do you have to work with? Draw your room and note the length, width and height of the walls. Don’t forget the door and its direction of rotation!
  • What should you do in your bathroom? Only a bath, shower and sink? Or also a toilet, dressing, …?
  • Have you listed the minus and plus points of your current bathroom?
  • Have you tried out different configurations?
  • Do you take electricity, lighting , water pipes, heating and ventilation into account? With renovation, the options are generally more limited.
  • Do you use the adjacent space sufficiently during your renovation? Is it possible to enlarge your bathroom by making another room smaller?
  • Do you keep in mind that you are already planning the necessary provisions for later adjustments?
  • Have you provided sufficient storage space?

Color, material and furniture

  • Which style do you go for? Modern, rural, contemporary, …?
  • Do you have an idea for the color palette? Do you like warm or cold colors? Or would you prefer to keep it as neutral as possible?
  • Wood (imitation)? Or rather smooth materials such as glass and stainless steel? Or are you crazy about tiles?
  • What do you want to put away?


  • Does the tap work with a system of rubber seals, with a sphere or with ceramic discs?
  • Is the turning surface of the lever large enough?
  • Does the tap have a pull-out spout and is it well insulated?
  • Does the tap have a filter that ensures a soft sparkling jet?
  • At what height are you going to place the crane?
  • Does the bath faucet have a large spout?
  • Do you want a wall tap for your bath or one on the edge?
  • Does the outlet of the bath tap not extend too far beyond the bath edge? Otherwise the water makes too much noise when you fill the tub.
  • Is the bath tap equipped with an automatic changeover?
  • Is the shower faucet equipped with a water-saving system? When purchasing, always check the packaging to know the actual water flow.


  • Shower, bath or combi bath?
  • How large should your shower be?
  • Are you going for a walk-in shower? Be careful not to install the floor until the shower has been installed.
  • Which system do you use to shield your shower?
  • What type of shower door did you have in mind?
  • Is everything well watertight? Are all connections between the shower cubicle, walls and floor watertight?
  • If you install a rain shower, have you considered the number of liters of water it uses? And whether your boiler can handle that?
  • Is lime easy to remove from the shower sprayer?


  • Do you want a freestanding model, built-in, corner bath, …?
  • Did you envisage a certain shape?
  • If you want a large bath, have you taken into account the consequences of that choice: a larger boiler, higher water and energy consumption, longer filling time, …?
  • Which system of emptying is provided?
  • What material does the bathtub consist of?
  • Is the drain pipe of the bath easily accessible for any repairs?
  • When you get a day older: provide enough safety handles to get in and out of the bath.
  • How many jets does the massage bath have?
  • Does the massage bath work according to the hydro or air system or is it a combination of the two types?
  • What cleaning options does the massage bath have?
  • Have you taken into account all the required facilities for installing a massage bath?


  • Installation or construction?
  • Single or double sink?
  • Is a washbasin sufficient or do you want bathroom furniture?
  • At what height should he come?
  • How much storage space do you need below and/or above your sink?
  • Is there at least 20 cm free space between the sink and the wall or another sink?
  • Does the sink have a column or siphon cover at the bottom?


  • Hang toilet or standing toilet?
  • Is the flushing reservoir of your toilet equipped with a water-saving system?
  • If you opt for a sink built into the wall, have you ensured that the sink remains accessible for any repairs?
  • Does the toilet bowl have a drain to the bottom or one that runs towards the wall?

Supply and disposal

  • Do you take sufficient account of the existing sanitary pipes during a renovation?
  • Are you considering renewing the pipes in an old bathroom to avoid having to start all over again soon?

And also…

  • Are you going to do the electrical work yourself or do you choose an expert who knows everything about standards and laws? After all, safety is an important aspect in a wet room such as the bathroom.
  • Are you going for a design radiator or are you opting for a classic model?
  • Is a towel dryer something for you?

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