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Bathroom renovation: Tips + the approach of the professional

With these 5 tips, your bathroom renovation will run smoothly!

Renovating a bathroom: where to start?

Anyone who is dissatisfied with their bathroom will recognise the story. Your house looks peaked, only your bathroom isn’t quite up to the task anymore. You are increasingly annoyed by your old-fashioned bath and longing for a stylish shower. You dream of exchanging your single washbasin for a practical double washbasin.

Are you satisfied with the style of your bathroom, but a change in your life situation means that it is no longer suited to your needs? Then, too, a bathroom redesign is necessary.

Even those who are in the process of renovating know that a bathroom can be a difficult space to tackle. The technical aspect can be challenging, but also a practical, creative design is not always obvious.

In short, a bathroom renovation often involves more than you had thought. Unforeseen problems can arise, not to mention unexpected costs. Read on and discover how you can make your bathroom renovation go quickly and smoothly!

Take a look at an example of a bathroom renovation below. It will be enjoyable for years to come!

STEP 1: Preparation

An important aspect of a smooth bathroom renovation is preparation. Knowing exactly which style your bathroom should have (modern, classic, rural), makes it much easier to see the forest through the trees. So go and have a look at your neighbours or friends, browse through some folders and just go!

The freedom you get with a completely clean slate can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about what to put in your renovated bathroom – and what not.

Also think carefully about the practical side. If you like to take a full bath, you might want a luxury bath. Those who prefer a quick shower will invest in a quality shower. Do you have to go to the toilet often at night? Consider installing one in your new bathroom.

Already have a good view of what your ideal bathroom should look like? Create a mood board, attaching photos to a large piece of paper or a notice board. This gives you an instant overview of the style you want.

Tip: You can find a lot of inspiration for your new bathroom on the social media channel Pinterest.

STEP 2: Budget

An essential part of a successful bathroom renovation is the budget. When one is fully absorbed in what the result should look like, one can quickly lose sight of the budget. That is why it is vital that you draw up a budget in advance and try to adhere to it as much as possible.

The cost price of a bathroom renovation also depends on the material you work with and the bathroom furniture you choose.

If you want to work with the latest innovations in technology, you also have to take a higher price tag into account.

If you are going to work on your own, it is also best to take into account a buffer in the budget. Unless you are an expert, there is a chance that unforeseen costs may arise, such as, for example, a pipe that has to be replaced unexpectedly.

If you prefer to have a concrete price estimate in advance, it is best to hire an expert in bathroom renovations. Ask Nieuw Bad for a no-obligation quote and start your bathroom renovation.

STEP 3: Materials

When drawing up your mood board or researching your dream bathroom, you probably didn’t just think about the final look of your renovated bathroom, but also the choice of materials and desired sanitary appliances.

The choice is great. Not only do you have to make decisions about the sanitary fittings, but also about the floor, wall and ceiling finishes.

  • Do you go for wall tiles or water-resistant paint?
  • Do you opt for a special type of laminate or for floor tiles?
  • Will it be a bath, walk-in shower or shower cubicle?
  • With a walk-in shower you should also take into account a larger number of wall tiles than with a shower cubicle. How important is the ease of maintenance of your bathroom furniture and room finish for you? Is customisation necessary for your bathroom? Keep in mind that the price tag may be more expensive.

STEP 4: Layout

bathroom floor planNow you can clearly imagine what your bathroom should look like after the renovation and you can make a good estimate of the costs, you can make a floor plan.

Most bathroom furniture and sanitary appliances have standard dimensions. You can mark out the surface area of your bathroom on an A4 sheet. Also make cards with the scale of your desired bathroom furniture and try out a number of layouts. This will give you a clear idea of what your bathroom will look like.

If you are very visual, you can cut out the layout of your bathroom in newspaper. This way, you can stroll around in your renovated bathroom.

When looking for materials, it is also best to keep in mind that you may not immediately find the perfect furniture or sanitary appliances. You should therefore take a look in good time so that your planning is not compromised. Also take into account the possible delivery time.

STEP 5: The real thing

If you only have one bathroom in the house, you don’t want to spend too much time renovating the bathroom. If you try to follow the previous steps carefully, you probably won’t come across any unexpected surprises.

Nevertheless, the renovation of your bathroom can be much simpler: be assisted by an expert in bathroom renovations. At Nieuw Bad you are in good hands! Would you like to know how Nieuwbad handles the renovation of your bathroom? Discover our Nieuwbad concept or browse through our bathroom renovations.

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