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Bathroom Trends 2020

Are you going to renovate your bathroom soon? And are you curious about the bathroom trends for 2020? Then here’s a hint. Be inspired by these 7 bathroom trends for 2020!

  • black and white aluminium profiles for your shower or bathroom cabinet
  • white and black, the perfect match
  • refined design thanks to materials such as solid surface and cool metal
  • industrial look with light or dark concrete colours
  • asymmetric washbasins with extra space for your make-up corner or accessories
  • with round mirrors you’re the prettiest in the country every day
  • furniture in solid wood, inspired by vertical wooden cladding

1. Framed design

Let fine aluminium profiles of windows and doors, come back into your bathroom! These come into their own in an industrial design as well as in a minimalist interior. In black or white, they form the ideal frame for your bathroom ritual!

2. Black & white match right

An irresistible combination of black and white always makes an impression. These opposites unite in a tight and spicy contrast. A bathroom cabinet in black lacquer can easily be combined with a washbasin in white solid surface.

3. Sophisticated design

Thanks to innovative materials with impeccable workmanship, you can create a refined look like never before! With Cool Metal mixers for your washbasin, bath or shower, you are totally up & trendy.

Solid surface material remains the trendsetter! This material has an unseen resistance. Smooth & stylish, seamless…for your bath, wash basin, shower wall covering or shower tub.

4. Industrial inspiration

The industrial interior trend is a keeper! This trend includes both light and dark concrete. You love that industrial look, but also want a real wellness feeling? You don’t have to choose and lose. With the right combination of washbasins, baths and showers, you can turn your bathroom into a real wellness paradise!

5. Asymmetrical perfection

Rules are there to break! Play with shapes and asymmetry to bring extra dynamism to your bathroom. What’s more, an asymmetrical bathroom cabinet gives you room for your favourite accessories and make-up corner.

6. Mirror mirror on the wall

Round shapes also give bathrooms a wow effect! With a round mirror, equipped with integrated LED lighting, your reflection is in the spotlight every morning. Do you want white or black accents to come back? Then go for a mirror with a white or black frame. Either way … with these round mirrors you are undoubtedly ‘the most beautiful in the country’!

7. Architectural inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere! This is proven by the solid wood FORMA range of furniture, inspired by the vertical wooden cladding at architectural gems. You can choose from natural oak, walnut or black oak.

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