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Everything you need to know about bathroom faucets

There are different types of bath, washbasin and thermostatic taps. Discover everything about the materials for your bathroom faucet and its construction. You can also choose some interesting options.

1. Types of taps

Single lever mixers

With a single lever mixer you control both the temperature and the water jet with the same lever. This way you always have one hand free. Most bathroom faucets are of this type. Important: the lever surface must be large enough for precise control. Also pay attention to the attachment of the handle. A firmly attached faucet handle is no superfluous luxury if you want to enjoy your faucet for years to come.

Twin handle mixers

A two handle mixer is one tap with a separate hot and cold water button. This kind of faucet is less and less common, but is still popular as a retro tap.

Two separate taps

Exceptionally, you can choose two separate taps to create a nostalgic or extremely modern look.

Three-hole basin mixers

On a three-hole washbasin mixer, the control knob and tap are separate. The main reason for this is the design.

Thermostatic mixers

In the case of thermostatic faucets, you can set the desired temperature before you open the faucet. Thermostatic faucets are comfortable, safe and energy-saving. In addition, the extra cost compared to ordinary faucets has decreased significantly. It’s best to use a system with graduation of degrees rather than a faucet with a certain scale. The advantages of a thermostatic mixer are particularly useful for showers, and to a lesser extent for kitchens or washbasins. For a bath, it is interesting if you also use the bath spray as a shower.

Bath taps

Bath taps should have a large spout: this allows you to fill the bath faster. Do not let the spout protrude too far over the edge of the bath; if the water flows down the slope of the bath, there is less noise. Bath taps are often equipped with a shower spout: useful for rinsing your hair. If the hose is long enough, you can also use it as a full-fledged shower. The hose from the shower spout can also be built into the wall. Thermostatic faucets are only interesting if you use the shower spout often. With an automatic changeover, the mixer always returns to the bathtub setting after you close it.

2. Types of materials

Chromed brass is one of the most popular materials for bathroom taps. The chrome is sometimes combined with other materials and colours (e.g. gold). There are also taps made of stainless steel or stainless steel. This material is highly resistant to air, water, chemical corrosion, mechanical wear and high temperatures. Qualitatively, there are few or no differences between these materials. The choice is rather based on aesthetic and financial considerations.

3. Interesting options

  • A pull-out spout is interesting to wash your hair above the sink or to fill a bucket.
  • With an automatic changeover (usually in combination with a pull-out spout) you switch from shower spray to soft massage spray and back via a button.
  • A sparkling filter ensures that water comes out of the tap foamy and less hard.
  • A sensor-controlled faucet starts running when you place your hands under it.
  • Water-saving taps consume less water without compromising your comfort.
  • Cascade taps are mainly used for bathing. The water flows out like a waterfall.

4. The construction of your faucet

The quality of a crane stands or falls with the interior or the crane house. With this you open and close the tap, mix cold and hot water and regulate the flow.

Ceramic discs

Instead of the formerly usual rubber seals (leathers or joints), taps nowadays usually work with ceramic discs. These discs slide on top of each other when you move the lever of the faucet. Because with these taps you can turn the lever a little further, you can do the water better. Several brands use a ceramic cartouche that you can easily replace when it wears out. In some taps, the ceramic discs are covered with a protective layer of diamond or hard carbon.

Spherical taps

There are also ball valves with a stainless steel ball inside, which moves over a Teflon seat. A good system with little chance of wear or leakage.

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