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Install the bathroom

If you are orientating yourself to purchase a new bathroom? Then the old bathroom will first have to be removed so that the new one can be installed.

On this page we will explain all about a small and large bathroom installation, the plumbing, and the installation of bathroom tiles.

Of course the costs for installing and renovating the old bathroom are also covered!

Before you start looking for a good installer, it is important that you have the layout of your bathroom on paper.

If the old layout is to your liking, this will save a lot of demolition work and you can see that in the final price of the bathroom renovation.

With a bathroom renovation and re-installation, the old existing bathroom will first have to be demolished so that the new bathroom can be erected.

Your new bathroom will be professionally installed by us with the utmost care. What should you think about when you have your entire bathroom renewed and what do you get in return?

We will put the innovations of the complete bathroom together:

  • New stucco
  • Installing bathroom tiles (floor and wall)
  • Install new electricity
  • Place walls
  • Install new thermostat valves
  • New bathroom furniture
  • New bath/or new shower room

As you can read above, you get a lot in return if you have your entire bathroom renewed. From the new plumbing to the installation of a radiator, everything is part of it.

Costs bathroom installation?

It is one of the most important aspects ”What does it cost to install a bathroom? ”This is of course necessary to know in advance before you start a complete bathroom renovation.

The costs of a plumber for having a new bathroom installed are divided into 3 aspects to determine the final price. Of course you largely control the cost price yourself, depending on how expensive you will purchase the new plumbing.

We will put together the most important aspects that are price-dependent for you:

  • What kind of plumbing do you want? (which brands)install a new bathroom
  • Do you only want to install a shower or a bath?
  • Are you going to do the renovation yourself or have it done?
  • Do you opt for a partial renovation?
  • Do you want to use your old plumbing?
  • Do you want to have floor heating installed?

When asked what a bathroom costs, the answer is pretty simple! What do you want to spend and do you really want to renew the entire bathroom or only a part of it?

The costs of a completely new bathroom can be quite high. If you want to renovate the bathroom yourself, you will also have to look for new sanitary ware.

By properly figuring out where you can purchase the plumbing at a good price, you will ultimately save considerably on the cost price of the complete bathroom.

Installation order

There is a lot involved in having a bathroom renovated. But where should you start now and what is the correct order for installing the plumbing?

We will show you a step-by-step plan here with the easiest work order for both installation and installation.

  • Remove old bathroom
  • Stucco of the bathroom walls
  • Installing and removing
  • Tile wall and floor (underfloor heating)
  • New ceiling with recessed spotlights and ventilation (exhaust system)
  • Installing the plumbing and connecting (bath, shower, washbasin, bathroom furniture)
  • Install the radiator
  • Kitten from the plumbing

If the correct working method is used then having a bathroom installed will always be cheaper because it saves a lot of time. Choose the right installer who knows exactly how renovating a bathroom can be as cheap as possible.

Request a completely free quote from the installers of the Plumbing Expert and be surprised by our low prices!

Shower and bath in the new bathroom?

The best thing about a bathroom today is that it is also used as a kind of relaxation room.

Make sure that your new bathroom fully meets your needs so that you can enjoy yourself in your own Spa environment. What is important to know in advance before you start renovating the bathroom.

  • The size of the space in m2
  • Possible expansion options
  • Ventilation options
  • Daylight in the bathroom (Bathroom window or lighting)
  • A toilet in the bathroom yes or no?
  • Sauna preparations renovation of the bathroom
  • Nowadays, a walk-in shower and bathtub are indispensable. When installing a shower or bath, it is important that the water pipes and drains are mounted in the right place.

If this is not the case, then the re-installation of the supply and removal is unfortunately necessary and the costs can rise slightly from the complete bathroom renovation.

Would you like to know more about having a toilet installed , having a shower cubicle installed or having your bath installed, then read these pages.

What does it cost to have a bathroom installed?

When placing a bathroom, the costs are of course very important. After all, you don’t want to pay too much and you only have a certain budget for the renovation. Installing and renovating a small bathroom is always cheaper than a large bathroom.

But it can also happen that people choose the most luxurious facilities in a smaller bathroom such as installing a TV or lowering their ceiling with expensive recessed spots.

You can also make a small bathroom as expensive as you want.

The average price of a bathroom renovation is often calculated per m2 floor area, but remains largely dependent on how expensive the chosen bathroom fixtures are. Would you like to know without obligation what to install a bathroom? Request a quote from us and receive the price of a new bathroom within a few days.

The Plumber Expert is an officially recognized and certified plumbing company. We are therefore the ideal party for a reasonable hourly rate . Installing your bathroom is something we have been doing for many customers to the great satisfaction of many years.

When installing, we not only ensure that all your plumbing is installed, we also ensure that all pipes are correctly connected and neatly concealed.

Move the bathroom

Many 30s homes and even 50s homes have the bathroom behind the kitchen. This is of course not the most convenient space and ia a lot colder than the bathroom upstairs.

We will always advise you to make the bathroom upstairs if you of course have multiple floors in your home. Moving a bathroom from bottom to top is a nice job because all the supply and drain pipes have to be laid again and an upper room such as a bedroom that is no longer being used must be available.install a small bathroom

Of course, relocating a bathroom costs quite a lot of money. If you assume that an empty bedroom suddenly turns into a bathroom.

The best place for a bathroom

What is the best place for a bathroom in your home? The best thing is to have your bathroom installed close to your bedroom (walk-in bathroom). In this way you can quickly walk to the bathroom in the morning and in the evening to use your toilet or sink.

Consider carefully where you want to install your new bathroom because you only get the chance to do so once and you cannot adjust this two to three.

Save on installing your bathroom

Only an expert can install your complete bathroom according to your wishes. Do you want a beautiful new bathroom in which all the sanitary facilities are completely taken care of and function without problems?

Request more information about the prices of a bathroom installation or complete renovation by requesting a completely free quote. We will respond as quickly as possible with a very competitive price.

Read more information about the preparation of a bathroom and the installation of a shower tray or the installation of a water pipe on these pages.

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