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Small bathroom? Create more storage space with these 5 tips

Do you have a small bathroom? Then you probably don’t have to think long about its biggest drawback: little storage space. Yet you can easily store all the things you need. All you have to do toilets for small bathrooms? Make the best use of the available space. With these 5 tips you’ll probably succeed!

1. Keep it limited

The easiest way to save space? That’s discharging. Because the less stuff you have to store, the less space you need. So feel free to question the usefulness of all your accessories. Do you put away everything that is unnecessary? Then you might be looking at the limited space you need. What’s more, a soberly furnished bathroom seems a lot bigger than the one you can fill up completely. Do you still have a lot of stuff left? You can store them cleverly with our next tips.

2. Choose the right bathroom cabinet

Of everything in your bathroom, you probably use your sink the most. But you should also make the best use of the space below it. Of course, a double bathroom cabinet offers you more storage space, but you can also store a lot of things in a single piece of furniture. Especially if you choose one with drawers: they are a lot more efficient than doors. With a bit of luck you won’t even need a separate cupboard to store your towels and washcloths. Moreover, a standing one offers you much more storage space than a floating piece of furniture.

3. Make the most of the space behind your mirror

Ever heard of a bathroom without a mirror? Of course not: in every bathroom there is one above the sink. A disadvantage of a large mirror is that it takes a lot of space away from your wall. But you can easily turn that disadvantage around: just hang up a mirror cabinet. This way you can still recover that lost space. A mirror cupboard doesn’t even have to be deep to store all the small things that take up unnecessary loading space. Just think of your toothbrush, lenses and much more. And the bigger your mirror cabinet, the more extra space you use.

4. Work in height

Don’t you get everything stashed away in your sink area? Then an extra column cabinet is a handy solution, especially if you don’t go for opening doors, but drawers. It is also important that you choose a tall one. With a narrow, long cabinet you lose less valuable space than with a wide version. They even take up more space without you being able to store extra things in them. You can also hang a cupboard a little higher against the wall, and put your laundry basket or another low cupboard underneath it. There you can put baskets and boxes for your smaller stuff. Or get inspiration from our last tip.

5. Use shelves

In addition to cabinets, shelves are a smart solution for making maximum use of the storage space on your wall. Shelves are not only cheaper than a whole cupboard, but also extra handy. You immediately see the things you need and you can easily access everything. But shelves can also be hung between your cupboards, so you can save even more space. What’s more, you create a cosy, open style in your bathroom. Are you not a fan of a mirror cupboard, but still like a neat wash basin area? Then shelves are ideal for storing the things you use every day.

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